Welcome to New Mill Bells . . .

Would you like to have a go at ringing?


If you have never experienced ringing a “full circle” bell then read on…you might want to try it!


We invite anyone who has the slightest curiosity about the mysteries of bell ringing to come and talk to us about it up in the tower on Friday nights or before Sunday service to see what happens. Even if you decide it’s not for you, we would like you to have first experienced what happens.


Ringers don’t need to be strong, just be able to recognise good rhythm, and they learn the technique of handling the bell over a fairly long time. It usually takes about 6 months from starting, to be good enough to ring for a service, if a new starter practices every week. Then the real challenge of learning how to ring methods starts! There isn’t anything to compare the technique of bell ringing with so no one comes to it with any advantage.


Most people have heard bells being rung, not many have seen them being rung and even fewer have rung them. Why not join us and see why we enjoy it so much!


Bellringers' Blessing

May you look to each other.

May you always chime in harmony,

and may all your clashes be minor.

May you ring evenly: not crowding

each other, nor too far apart. May you

always have a strong band around you.

May you help each other to follow your path,

even through life's most complicated methods.

May you learn when it is your turn to lead and to follow,

when to make places, when to lie behind and when to dodge.

May you ring a full and proper peal. May you always stand together.

That's all!

by Julia Douetil